Definitions for "One More Time"
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"One More Time" is a popular song, one of the last written by the songwriting team of DeSylva, Brown, and Henderson. It was published in 1931. It was the last song recorded by Bing Crosby as a big band singer, before becoming a soloist.
"One More Time" is a single by Daft Punk released in December 5, 2000 and later included in the album Discovery. The lyrics of the song are written and performed by Romanthony, and are heavily auto tuned and compressed.Chris Gill, "ROBOPOP" Remix Magazine Online (May 2001) Interview It contains a sample from "More Spell On You" by Eddie Johns, mp3 but this is not credited in the Discovery liner notes. As part of the album it is featured in the introduction to the film Interstella 5555.
One More Time is a comedy film, directed by Jerry Lewis and starring Sammy Davis, Jr. and Peter Lawford. It was filmed in 1969 and released in May, 1970 by United Artists. It is a sequel to the 1968 film Salt and Pepper.
One More Time is a memoir by comedienne Carol Burnett. It was published by Random House in 1986 and became a New York Times non-fiction bestseller.
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One More Time is the 10th episode in season 1 of The A-Team. It originally aired in North America on April 12, 1983.