Definitions for "OMG"
Observation ManaGer
Object Managgement Group. 1990 first time published 'Object Management Architecture Guide'.
An international consortium of companies that work together to create standards for advanced software engineering technologies. The OMG has developed middleware standards, like CORBA, the Unified Modeling Language (UML) for diagramming software and business systems, and the Model Driven Architecture (MDA) a systematic way of maintaining reusable software components and using them to generate code for specific applications. (See UML and MDA.) For more information, check
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oh my gawd/garsh.
Oh my goodness (gawd)
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Oh my gosh - Are
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OOC op oper OperServ
Organisation Media-Agenturen im GWA
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We would like to develope a strategy game based on the story of Dune. It will a turn based strategy game. We make a game without violance
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Old magazines.
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Oh My God
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Office of Military Government