Definitions for "Olympic"
Olympic AFC is a soccer team in Wellington, New Zealand. Commonly known as 'The Greeks' (due to the prominent Mediterranean ambience within the club), Olympic have underachieved in recent years despite the influx of an embaras de choix of talented individuals. This hurt has been accentuated through the success of their major rivals Western Suburbs (see also Same-sex marriage) who claimed the Central League title in the 2005 season.
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Olympic (Trad. Chinese:奧運; Jyutping: ou3 wan6; pinyin: Àoyùn) is a station on the of Hong Kong's MTR. The livery is dodger blue.
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Of or pertaining to Olympus, a mountain of Thessaly, fabled as the seat of the gods, or to Olympia, a small plain in Elis.
of the region of Olympia in Greece or its inhabitants; "Olympian plain"
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of or relating to the Olympic Games; "Olympic winners"