Definitions for "OID"
Original Issue Discount. The discount from par value, if any, at the time a bond is issued.
See original-issue discount.
Original issue discount. a discount from par value of a bond or debt-like instrument. In structuring a private equity transaction, the use of a preferred stock with liquidation preference or other clauses that guarantee a fixed payment in the future can potentially create adverse tax consequences. The IRS views this cash flow stream as, in essence, a zero coupon bond upon which tax payments are due yearly based on "phantom income" imputed from the difference between the original investment and "guaranteed" eventual payout. Although complex, the solution is to include enough clauses in the investment agreements to create the possibility of a material change in the cash flows of owners of the preferred stock under different scenarios of events such as a buyout, dissolution or IPO.
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Object identifier (AT&T 1995)
Word termination signifying resemblance to the thing specified by the stem, to which it is affixed, as ovoid.
A unique number assigned to each LDAP schema attribute and object. While it is most common to perform LDAP lookups by object class or attribute name, it should also be possible to perform lookups by OID number.
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An optional label for a clause, creating accessibility within the knowledge representation. This can help for representing prioritization between rules, for example. All type tags (i.e. those that begin with an uppercase letter) of RuleML can begin with such a label except those that permit only character data (e.g. Ind, Rel, Ctor, etc.). (See: desc module)
Other ID Identification numbers provided by organizations (ARPL, CPC, CPFH, IND, KIE, NASA, NRCBL, PIP or POP) supplying citation data. 2003: new introduced. NASA: 00024863
Oid is an album of progressive house and breaks music released by producer John Graham under the name Space Manoeuvres.
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Old line factoring Oligopoly
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Oracle Internet Directory
Office of Instructional Development.