Definitions for "OCS"
A gently sloping underwater plain that extends seaward from the coast.
Outer Continental Shelf. All submerged lands seaward and outside the area of lands beneath navigable waters. Lands beneath navigable waters are interpreted as extending from the coastline three nautical miles into the Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, the Arctic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico excluding the coastal waters off Texas and western Florida.
Outer Continental Shelf, a term used primarily in the U.S. for the offshore areas under federal jurisdiction.
Overhead Contact System. The system of overhead wire, support structures and related equipment that delivers electric power from substations to transit vehicles.
Overhead Catenary System. Also referred to as the "overhead." That part of the overhead line equipment consisting of: contact wire, contact wire supports, messenger wires, isolators, counter-weights, hangers and other equipment and assemblies that distributes DC electric power from substations to the ETB, trolley or light rail vehicle.
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Office of Community Service within HHS.
Officer Conducting the Serial
Office of Children Services
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Order Communications System. One of the initial components of a hospital information system, such as requests for blood tests to be performed by a laboratory, or medications to be dispensed by the pharmacy.
Open Control System. This term is sometimes used to emphasise the lack of proprietary architecture. ABB include the term in their DCS brandname, Advant OCS.
Online Community System
Oklahoma Climatological Society
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Ocean Colour Scanner. Airborne scanner developed by DSTO which is being modified and further developed by COSSA.; principally for water mapping.
Opportunities Career Services An organization providing job search assistance in Courtenay and Campbell River
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Oregon Consumer Scorecard
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EChart file; contains EChart data; must be in the same web directory as the EChart OCP file.
Meaning "on course side", a ruling where a boat is deemed to have started a race prematurely and subsequently is disqualified from the race and awarded the maximum number of points.
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Optical Sciences Center (UAZ)
Organic Coated Steel. An alternative name for pre-finished steel.