Definitions for "OCR"
Acronym for Optical Character Reader: a device that allows a computer to read printed or written information.OCR Paper especially used for capturing information to be read by an OCR reader. The paper must be clean of dirt spots and is made without optical brighteers.
A technology that allows dots or pixels within characters inside a bitmapped image to be converted into an ASCII text file. This text file can be edited.
A method for recognizing printed or written text by a computer. The text is scanned, this scanned image is analyzed to identify characters or digits and this analysis is then translated into a character code system such as ASCII. OCR recognition methods use offline data, based on scanned images.
Oxford Cambridge and the Royal Society of Arts
OCR is an awarding body (formerly Oxford and Cambridge and RSA Examination Boards)
Oxford, Cambridge and RSA Examinations
ptical haracter ecognition
ptical haracter eader
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ffice for ivil ights, U.S. Department of Education
See Office for Civil Rights.
acronym for the Office for Civil Rights, US Department of Education; OCR has the responsibility for enforcing Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and investigates allegations of civil rights violations
Original Cast Recording. Refers to the recording of a musical by the opening night cast. Note that in some rare cases an opening night performer was unable to participate in the OCR, so his or her understudy sang on the recording, as did Rex Everhart on 1776 after Howard Da Silva had a heart attack.
The official cash rate. This is the interest rate the Reserve Bank sets in conducting monetary policy. Commercial banks can borrow cash overnight from the Reserve Bank at an interest rate 25 basis points above the OCR, and deposit cash at 25 basis points below the OCR.
Official Cash Rate. The overnight base interest rate at which the Reserve Bank of NZ lends to, or borrows from Registered Banks.
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"Opaque Clutch Rollershade" A registered trademark of Inside Outfitters, Inc.
This is a federal agency that requires districts to provide gender and race/ethnic student and staff data. In Minnesota the state provides the data on behalf of the districts based on the MARSS and STAR data and a few supplemental data items.
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See overcommitment ratio (OCR).
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Organic Click Rate. See also PPC.
Offset Credit Right. A proposed derivative instrument based on a company's ability to earn offset credits by purchasing from small & medium enterprises owned by historically disadvantaged individuals.
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Off Center Rim