Definitions for "OCI"
Open Catalog Interface. A SAP specification for RoundTrip transactions (see RoundTrip). OCI is supported by Pantellos, SAP and Commerce One eProcurement platforms.
Oracle Call Interface. An application programming interface that enables you to manipulate data and schemas in a database server. You compile and link an OCI program in the same way that you compile and link a nondatabase application. There is no requirement for a separate preprocessing or precompilation step.
Oracle Call Interface. See Oracle Call Interface (OCI).
Organisation Communiste Internationaliste (the Internationalist Communist Organization – a sectarian organization claiming to be Trotskyist – allied with the Socialist Labour League in England)
other comprehensive income. A term defined by FAS 130. FAS 130 identifies three components of other comprehensive income
other comprehensive income. a financial statement item used in recording portions of derivatives or hedges that are deemed effective and hence not booked to the income statement. The ineffective portion of a derivative's change in fair value is recognized in earnings.
Orascom Construction Industries
On-campus interviewing scheduled by an employer through the career services office at a school with students at the school. (See also On-Campus Interviews.)
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