Definitions for "occupational"
Related to the workplace
Safety and Health Act (OSHA): The Law which authorizes the OSHA agency to set standards, obligates employers to provide a safe workplace, and provides for enforcement of the standards. The law encourages the states to develop their own safety laws which displace the federal law.
Pension Scheme A pension plan organised by an employer to provide retirement benefits for their employees. This type of scheme may also offer a tax-free lump sum on retirement and additional benefits such as death-in-service insurance.
Of or pertaining to an occupation{3} or occupations{3}; caused by or incidental to an occupation{3}; as, occupational hazard; occupational illness.
of or relating to the activity or business for which you are trained; "occupational hazard"
Hazard A condition in an occupation that increases the peril of accident, sickness, or death. It usually will mean higher premiums.
Therapist A person qualified to develop and implement programs to develop fine motor skills and implement accommodations related to work and daily living.
Disease that results directly or indirectly from the patient's job.