Definitions for "OCC "
Office of the Commissioner for Children
Charter number Federal tax ID number
See Office of the Comptroller of the Currency
Options Clearing Corporation. The organization that handles clearing of the...
Options Clearing Corporation. Applies to derivative products. Financial institution that is the actual issuer and guarantor of all listed option contracts.
Options Clearing Corporation. The issuer of all listed options on all exchanges.
old corrugated cardboard
See: Corrugated cardboard, old.
old corrugated containers
Owyhee Canyonlands Coalition
Online Chess Club is a PHP chess game. It allows you to play any number of games simultaneously against your friends online using only a Web browser, provided you own some PHP-ready Web space. It recognizes checkmate, stalemate, and allows you to draw a game. In addition, finished games may either be archived or deleted.
Orange Cat Club
Orange County Choppers
Operations Coordination Center. Primary facility of the Multi-agency Coordination System (MACS); houses staff and equipment necessary to perform the MACS function.
Operations Coordinating Committee
Operations Control Center
Operating characteristic curve. A plot of the probability of accepting a hypothesis (on the vertical axis) as a function of the difference between the true value measured and the hypothesized value (on the horizontal axis). As the difference between the actual and hypothesized values increases, the probability of accepting the hypothesis increases. As the efficiency of the test increases, the probability of accepting the hypothesis increases. Test efficiency is a function of choosing the best test, reducing required confidence, reducing variance, and increasing sample size. [See alpha, power curve, Type I error
Carriers providing long distance communications service other than AT&T. These companies (including AT&T) are called IXCs (IntereXchange Carriers).
other common carrier.
Other Common Carriers
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Ontario Curriculum Centre
Oakland Community College
Orbital Citizen s Community
Organic Coated Copper (interchangeable with OSP).
Charge or credit that is likely to be a one-time charge for installation or modification of services, such as the installation fee for a telephone or data circuit.