Definitions for "Obs"
Omnibearing Selector - part of a VOR receiver system, which allows the pilot to select a course to or from a VOR station
Omnibearing selector. Also known as course selector.
Omni-bearing selector; also: on-board simulation
See Organizational Breakdown Structure
traditionally an initial impact statement for sales people to use at first contact with prospect, in writing, on the phone or face-to-face - the OBS generally encapsulates the likely strongest organizational benefit typically (or supposedly) derived by customers in the prospect's sector, eg., "Our customers in the clothing retail sector generally achieve 30-50% pilferage reduction when they install one of our Crooknabber security systems..." - N.B. The OBS is a relatively blunt instrument for modern selling - use it with extreme care for fear of looking like a total twerp.
Organizational Breakdown Structure. A hierarchical structure designed to pinpoint the area of an organization responsible for each part of a project.
Optical Bypass Switch. An optional switching function that controls whether to bypass a ring when the FDDI interface card is down or removed.
Optical Backscatter Sensor
optical bypass switch. A device used in FDDI networks that acts as a mirror, preventing a ring wrap in the event of a node power off.
obsolete indicates a term no longer in use, no longer likely to be understood. Compare with Archaic above. This definition is currently under active debate in Wiktionary:Obsolete and Archaic Terms
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