Definitions for "Objectives"
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In most RFPs the funder asks for the projectâ€(tm)s objectives. Many times the question addresses “measurable outcomes”. Roughly, objectives refer to an increase or decrease of something such as removing a barrier or creating a benefit; the development or dissemination of a product or service; a change in the way things are done or changes in systems or people. Objectives may drive answers to: why this issue, why you and why now, who are the beneficiaries, what will be the benefits, what will you accomplish, what will be the results, what are the best practices; what is measurable, when will it be accomplished, how will you know you met the objectives? The words outcome, input, output, goals, activities, strategies frequently are used interchangeably. Contrary to popular belief there is not universal agreement by funders about what these words mean. Funders have different dictionaries. It is your task to discern from the web site, 990 and other searches what this particular funder is using for a dictionary. See the discussion about outcomes at
Specific measurable actions by which the goal is achieved, consistent with the purpose, and is time-limited.
A statement of what is planned to be achieved. They should follow from an underlying policy or strategy.
short for Objective Processing, an auditing action which helps a person to look or place his attention outward from himself.
Objective refers to outward things, not the thoughts and feelings of the individual. An Objective Process deals with the real and observable. It calls for the preclear to spot or find something exterior to himself in order to carry out the auditing command. It locates the person in his environment.
physical examination abnormalities found by the doctor, one component of the disability rating.
Serve as an informative introduction to those who are new to CCD terminology and enable more experienced practitioners to tease out nuances of meaning and re-examine assumptions with more scrutiny than there is otherwise time and space to do.
defines the purpose for doing something.
The COSO Framework defines three broad categories:- compliance with laws and regulations, financial reporting and operations. In relation to Sarbanes-Oxley the important one is financial reporting.
The desired effects of an intervention. See also general objectives, needs, operational objectives, specific objectives.
In estate planning, the formulation of each individual's needs and desires regarding distribution of his or her estate and the various intricacies involved in the transfer.
An organization's commitment to and expression of the desired, measurable end results. It is the transformation of the mission into results.
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see landowner objectives.
Predetermined results toward which effort is directed. [D01100] WST
The general questions that the trial was designed to answer. The objective may be associated with one or more hypotheses that, when tested, will help answer the question. See also Hypothesis.
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The purpose of the study; what information is being sought out as a result of the study.
the information to be developed from a study to serve the project's purpose.
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