Definitions for "Obfuscation"
This technique is similar to that of cloaking.Meta tags or contents of a page are presented in a wrong way. A normal looking page is presented to the user but not submitted to search engines. This causes the page to rank low on search engines.
The act of misrepresenting meta tags or content. The user is presented with a page that looks normal, but it is not the page submitted to search engines. This is similar to cloaking or stealth pages, but it further protects the code by giving code stealers a micky page. The page often looks normal, but there will be something wrong with it to cause it to rank low on search engines (things like bad keyword density or meta tag errors). When someone steals a high ranking page like this and installs it on their own server, they will never get the rankings the real page gets..
1. To make dark or not clearly seen. 2. A purposeful attempt to cause confusion or prevent understanding.
The act of darkening or bewildering; the state of being darkened.
Spammers' attempts to hide data to prevent its detection. Also, when email recipients use HTML or JavaScript to obscure mailto links and email addresses so that addresses remain readable and clickable, but cannot be harvested. (See also munging.)
the activity of obscuring people's understanding, leaving them baffled or bewildered
A process by which information is scrambled into a non-readable form, such that it is extremely difficult to de-scramble if the algorithm used for scrambling is not known.
Scrambling all symbolic code information such that no problem-domain information remains.