Definitions for "Obe"
1) Acronym for "Outcome Based Education;" 2) Among conservatives, a sign of the Devil, or Satan
Operating basis earthquake. The earthquake that the structure must safely withstand with no damage. All systems and components necessary to the uninterrupted functioning of the project are designed to remain operable during the ground motions associated with the OBE. This includes the dam, appurtenant structures, electrical and mechanical equipment, relays, spillway gates, and valves. For most usage in the Bureau of Reclamation, the OBE is specified to have a 90% probability of nonoccurrence in a 25-year-exposure period. This is equivalent to a recurrence interval of 237 years. Economic considerations for specific projects may lead to consideration of other values.
Outcomes Based Education
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Order of the British Empire (British honour)
Officer Order of the British Empire
Overtaken By Events -- usually because of bureaucracy.
Awareness of the astral body detaching from the physical body, either voluntarily or involuntarily, awake or dreaming.
Of-Body Experiences
out-of-body experience
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See Obi.
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Object Exchange Protocol