Definitions for "Oat"
Keywords:  avena, sativa, fodder, cereal, nervine
A well-known cereal grass (Avena sativa), and its edible grain, used as food and fodder; -- commonly used in the plural and in a collective sense.
A musical pipe made of oat straw.
Oat is considered a specific in cases of nervous debility and exhaustion when associated with depression. It may be used with most of the other nervines, both relaxant and stimulatory, to strengthen the whole of the nervous system. It is also used in general debility. Go to the Other Supplements Dictionary and look up Oat.
Simons MD, Martens JW, McKenzie RIH, Nishiyama I, Sadanaga K, Sebesta J, Thomas H. Oats: a standardized system of nomenclature for genes and chromosomes and catalog of genes governing characters. Washington (DC): Department of Agriculture (US); 1978. (Agriculture handbook; no. 509).
Obligation Assimlable du Tresor. Bonds issued by the French government with standard maturities.
Obligation Assimilable du Trisor. Long term French government debt.
osteochondral autograft transfer
Optometry Admission Test(OAT) Required for admission to optometry school PCAT Pharmacy College Admission Test Students need to check individual schools to see if this test is required.
Operational Acceptance Testing
Outside Air Temperature
Out of Area Treatment. Agreements for patient treatments that are outside the standard contracts negotiated with local hospitals and other providers and need special approval from the PCT covering the area in which the patient lives.
Occupancy Agreement Tool
OAT (Office of Automation and Technology) is a US body responsible for developing and disseminating information technology to Federal courts.