Definitions for "NYINGMA"
The teachings brought to Tibet and translated chiefly during the reign of Kind Trisong Detsen and in the following period up to Rinchen Sangpo.
(-PA) (Tib.). Tibetan Buddhist tradition claiming to originate in the teachings of PADMASAMBHAVA and his associates in the 8th century. Emphasises Tantric practice according to the Old Tantra tradition (see TANTRA) and also includes Dzogchíen teachings. The terma revelations are found mostly among the Nyingmapa and BONPO. The Nyingmapa tradition is less centrally organized than other traditions, although there are six principal teaching monasteries in Central and East Tibet, and specific traditions linked to each of these.
The Ancient School of Tibetan Buddhism - the ‘early spread' of Buddhism in Tibet which grew under the enlightened inspiration of the second Buddha - Padmasambhava and Yeshé Tsogyel