Definitions for "nutty"
Having a flavor like that of nuts; as, nutty wine.
A flavour description of certain cheeses, often refers to a hazelnut flavour.
Aromas or flavors that suggest nuts. It can be a "good-nose" or an "off-nose."
All varieties of chocolate bars and sweets. OAE Old Antarctic Explorer. Someone who's been around in Antarctica for a while, several summers, or at least a Winter, the more the better of course.
The general term for any type of chocolate or sweets / candy, whether it contains nuts or not. A personal note here, when I first arrived in Antarctica I was most unimpressed with the unhealthiness of the food that people took out with them when leaving base for a day trip - one to three bars of chocolate and nothing else. Being of sterner stuff I promptly made myself some healthy sandwiches (tuna if I remember rightly) - I was observed with interest but without comment by other (as it turned out - wiser) people around. Come lunch break, while others tucked into their hard but edible "nutty" I sat and sucked on a frozen sandwich. Br
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Abounding in nuts.
an ambiguous term that is best left untouched. Some claim it to be an indicator of old tawny port which has a distinct smell of cobnuts.
A fine Chardonnay that is barrel fermented can have this smell.
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Crazy; insane; loony; batty; nuts.
Nutty was a British comic book that ran for 292 issues from 16 February 1980 to 14 September 1985, when it merged with The Dandy. Published by D. C. Thomson & Co.
informal or slang terms for mentally irregular; "it used to drive my husband balmy"
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A characteristic of some dry whites.