Definitions for "Numb"
Enfeebled in, or destitute of, the power of sensation and motion; rendered torpid; benumbed; insensible; as, the fingers or limbs are numb with cold.
Producing numbness; benumbing; as, the numb, cold night.
To make numb; to deprive of the power of sensation or motion; to render senseless or inert; to deaden; to benumb; to stupefy.
"Numb" is a single by the Nu metal band Linkin Park, from their 2003 album Meteora.
"Numb" is the third track from U2's 1993 album, Zooropa and was released as the album's first single. The song is a repeating, monochordic mantra sung by The Edge with a drumbeat sampled from the Nazi propaganda film Triumph of the Will. "Numb" also features backing vocals by Bono and Larry Mullen, Jr.
Numb is the second and final studio album by Hammerbox, released in 1993.
so frightened as to be unable to move; stunned or paralyzed with terror; "petrified with fear"; "she was petrified by the eerie sound"; "too numb with fear to move"
(followed by `to') not showing human feeling or sensitivity; unresponsive; "passersby were dead to our plea for help"; "numb to the cries for mercy"
a membrane-associated protein that antagonizes Notch signaling and determines cell fate
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make numb or insensitive; "The shock numbed her senses"