Definitions for "NT1"
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Network Termination 1. The termination point of the ISDN system. It is the physical and electrical termination function of ISDN on the end-user's side of the ISDN connection. Without an NT1, ISDN cannot work. It is an interface between the S/T and U reference points and defines communication between functional devices.
network termination 1. In ISDN, an end point for the network's transmission line. Network termination 1 is responsible for the physical layer characteristics (of the OSI reference model), such as ending the line transmission, monitoring performance, and timing. See also network termination 2 (NT2), terminal equipment 1 (TE1), and terminal equipment 2 (TE2).
Network Terminator Type 1 The NT-1 is physically connected between the ISDN board of your videoconferencing system and your ISDN phone line and converts the two-wire line coming from your telephone company into a 4-wire line. And provides network maintenance functions such line maintenance access, timing, and echo cancellation. NT1s may be built into other pieces of equipment or stand alone.
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See Windows NT.