Definitions for "NSP"
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The Needle & Syringe Program (NSP) provides new injecting equipment to people who inject drugs.
Networked Services Project
abb. National Service Provider
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Neurotoxic Shellfish Poisoning. A human neurological disease caused by the ingestion of toxic marine shellfish (filter-feeding bivalves). Symptoms are similar to those of ciguatera poisoning and include temperature reversal sensations, as well as headache, chills, and muscle and joint pain (Hallegraeff 1995, Steidinger 1993). Cases have been reported from the southeast US and eastern Mexico (Steidinger 1993).
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Nepal Sadbhavana Party
Narmada Sagar Project
New Surf Project. Top selling entry/intermediate level epoxy boards. Find out more here.
net secondary productivity. The rate at which consumer and decomposer biomass is produced in a community.
net seleable paper
net single premium. For a life insurance or an immediate annuity product, the actuarial present value at the time of issue of the product's total expected future cost of benefits.
National Sort Plan. Preferred sorting sequence according to Royal Mail regulations.
Need Skill Point
National Skills Profile
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Navarino Support Package
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Nonpoint Source Pollution
(n) Nature's Sunshine Products - U.S. based vitamin and herb manufacturer since 1972. For additional information, see Nature's Sunshine. For information on membership, see memberships.
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node switch processor. One of the component modules used in the Cisco 6400. This module is responsible for all ATM switching and control functions within the Cisco 6400.
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Acronym: 'Nice Set Partner'. Used in on-line card games.
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Non-structural protein