Definitions for "NSI"
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National System of Innovation
National Savings and Investments
National Statistical Institute
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Network Solutions, Inc.. AT&T provides directory and database services for registered Internet hosts, while NSI administers the registration process.
Network Solutions, Inc. (See Back
Network Solutions, Inc.
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NASA Science Internet
Nutraceutical Sciences Institute
A computer networking project started by NASA's Office of Space Science and Applications. It contains two major networks, Span and NSN. Also see NSN, Span
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name service interface. In DCE Remote Procedure Call (RPC), a part of the application programming interface (API) of the RPC run time. NSI routines access a name service, such as the Cell Directory Service (CDS), for RPC applications.
See name service interface (NSI).
NetView Synergy Interface. An interface for collecting data from VTAM in the host or from other session managers. NSI is only available for MVS.
Nerve Signal Interference. Inaccurate information relayed to the brain or other cells or organs. NSI can be either a lack of a proper Nerve Signal (inhibitory), or a sending of an improper Nerve Signal (excitatory). NSI exists both internally (within the body) and externally (within society). See Contract.
Non-SNA Interconnection. FEP ( 3720, 3745) software enabling BSC terminals to work over an SNA backbone network.
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non-syncytium-inducing strain of HIV. See syncytium.
Net Sales Income. Sales value less variable selling and distribution expenses
Net sector input