Definitions for "NRT"
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Nett Registered Ton. A measure of the internal volume, or closed in spaces, of a vessel that is used for earning revenue like transporting passengers or cargo. It does not include certain spaces that are non-revenue generating like the engine room and crew accommodation areas. One nett registered ton is equal to one hundred cubic feet.
Net Registered Tonnage - Amount of space on a ship available for cargo.
Net Register Tons, the true cargo capacity of a ship. NRT signifies the cubic below-deck cargo or passenger capacity used for the vessel's revenue generation only. For taxation purposes normally GRT is used. A Net Register Ton is equal to 2.83 cubic meters or 100 cubic feet.
Nicotine Replacement Therapy. Nicotine-containing medications used for smoking cessation including the nicotine patch, nicotine gum, nicotine inhaler, and nicotine nasal spray.
Nicotine replacement therapy -smoking cessation aids designed to help smokers quit smoking.
Nicotine Replacement Therapy. Nicotine replacement therapy supplies the body with small and controlled doses of nicotine, the addictive drug found in tobacco products. These nicotine doses help smokers quit by helping alleviating cravings and withdrawal symptoms. NRT medicines are available as both over the counter products (patches and gum), as well as prescription products (nasal sprays and inhalers).
See norm-referenced test.
Norm Referenced Tests. Tests which measure an individual's performance by comparing it to the performance of a pre-selected and pre-tested sample of individuals (i.e., a norm group).
Nutritional Reflex Technique utilizes muscle testing to analyze the flow of energy through the body’s meridian system and determine if there is malfunction in a tissue or organ. By touching specific acupuncture points and performing a manual muscle strength test at the same time, a doctor can determine if there is an imbalance in the function of a certain tissue or organ. Then by repeating he test with the patient holding samples of various nutritional supplements, the doctor can also determine those supplements which would be helpful in correcting the imbalances. This system is not meant to diagnose a specific pathology or disease, but through the step-by-step supplement and diet programs indicated, many times homeostasis is restored to the body, and thus health. For more information about NRT and it’s developer, Dr. Lasneski, click here insert link to NAET
National Reportable Time. A time that meets the criteria for reporting to USA Swimming for possible inclusion in that years Top 16 list.
Neural Response Telemetry. Telemetry measuring the response of the auditory nerve to electrical stimulation via a cochlear implant.
National Response Team. Compare? Representatives from 15 federal agencies with interests and expertise in various aspects of emergency response to pollution incidents. EPA serves as chair and the U.S. Coast Guard serves as vice-chair. The NRT is primarily a national planning, policy, and coordinating body and does not respond directly to incidents. The NRT provides policy guidance prior to an incident and assistance as requested by a federal On-Scene Coordinator via a Regional Response Team during an incident. NRT assistance usually takes the form of technical advice, access to additional resources or equipment, or coordination with other RRTs.
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