Definitions for "Notifications"
In Managed System Services, a spontaneously generated message, issued by the topology manager when information in the topology database changes.
A notification is sent spontaneously from an agent to a manager, e.g. an alarm.
A notification is an email message sent to you updating you of changes to pages and spaces you choose to 'watch'.
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The system is capable of producing several types of notifications, e.g. reports, letters, labels, address slips, etc.
The annual process by which member countries report to the WTO information on commitments, changes in policies, and other related matters as required by the various agreements.
A notice of an action that has been, or needs to be, performed. This is most likely to be regarding a purchasing document (requisition or purchase order). These notifications are generated automatically by Oracle Financials. You can view them in Oracle Financials in the Notifications Summary, or you can see them in your e-mail in-box.
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a complete program