Definitions for "Notification"
A message describing an event occurrence. An example of a notification in Calendar Server is a reminder for an upcoming meeting.
One of eight ASAI Application Service Elements, or ASEs. Notification allows the application to receive information it has previously requested about events in the switch. For instance, applications can monitor call related activities of an ACD split, such as calls in queue, and can control incoming calls to the ACD split.
A message sent to a user, operator, owner, coordinator, or other party.
The act of notifying, or giving notice; the act of making known; especially, the act of giving official notice or information to the public or to individuals, corporations, companies, or societies, by words, by writing, or by other means.
Notice given in words or writing, or by signs.
The act of formally making known or giving notices.
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written request for work constituting or forming part of a S/T Task to be carried out under the relevant Contract(s) of Association, within a cost ceiling and including a description of the S/T work to be done
Automatic report sent by e-mail to customers or clients containing specific information concerning the status of an issue.
ExtraView has a considerable number of ways of keeping users informed with email notification. All users connected with an issue can be informed of both new isses and updates. Interest lists can be set up around field values, for example, an interest list for "critical" status issues.
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In general, a formal and legal communication from one party to another. In the presence of a bill, notification refers to the communication addressed by the owner of the cheque or bill to the previous holder and drawer, or by the endorser to the previous endorser, concerning the refusal of the drawee to pay under the bill. In case of a shipment, notification is the communication by the shipping company of the arrival of goods at the discharge port. Français: Notification Español: Aviso, notificación
a written confirmation by the shareholder of his or her intention to attend the ESM
An important aspect of privilege management is the notification to players about new or changing authority. This is particularly crucial the more one allows the distributed application of authority, or proxied or third-party actions. Feedback to both the grantors and recipients of authority is an important element of assuring the ongoing integrity of appropriate privileges and to reduce risk of intentional or accidental abuse.
Notification to the Council of an operator's intention to provide a particular passenger transport service. A notified service becomes a registered service when the notification has been accepted by the Council.
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The writing which communicates information; an advertisement, or citation, etc.
The process by which Members provide information to the WTO Committee on Agriculture on their implementation of commitments under the Agreement on Agriculture. Notifications are required under other WTO agreements.
informing by words
The means by which account debtors are informed of the interest a factor has taken in the invoices they owe money on. This is usually done by mail. ()
A characteristic of factoring, whereby the factor takes assignment of the accounts receivable and notifies the customers of the client to pay the factor directly.
Process whereby the factor lets an account debtor (your client's customer) know that an invoice(s) has been purchased from your client, and that the debtor is to pay the factor directly.
When there is an annual general meeting, a notification must be published in BALO and sent by post to registered shareholders at least 15 days in advance announcing the date of the Annual General Meeting.
process through which property owners, public officials, and the general public are notified of nominations to, listings in, and determinations of eligibility for the National Register.
Date A date maintained by the system against each woman with a cervical screening history. It is the date of the last notification sent by the system regarding the woman.
a memorial with respect to unexploded ordnance
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a COM collection wich contains a set of tuples, or attribute (string) to value (variant) mappings
A mechanism within Enterprise Objects that provides an asychronous communication infrastructure between objects.
a way of communicating between objects who have no knowledge of each other using a broadcast paradigm
an accusation of crime made by a grand jury on its own initiative
an administrative means of closing a fishery for certain management reasons
The term notification means the notification required by Rule 604.
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See recognition notification.
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See Award Letter and Financial Aid Notification.
container Container Identifies parameters about notification to exercise certain rights (e.g. calls or puts).