Definitions for "NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT"
Keywords:  refund, taxpayer, hst, gst, inland
is a notice that is sent to you on receipt of your tax return advising you of the tax you owe or of your refund entitlement.
a declaration of deficiency taxes issued to a Taxpayer who fails to respond to a Pre-Assessment Notice within the prescribed period of time, or whose reply to the PAN was found to be without merit
A written notice from the Inland Revenue setting out the amount of income tax which they think is due and showing how it has been calculated.
A statement sent by the County Assessor in December to the property owner, showing the taxable value and assessed value of land, buildings and secured personal property for the current fiscal year and next fiscal year. If the property owner disagrees with the taxable value, he may file an appeal with the County Board of Equalization.