Definitions for "NOTES"
Lotus groupware product which IBM took on (June 1991) as an alternative to, and eventually a replacement for, the much delayed OfficeVision/2 LAN Series product. An additional (possibly the primary) benefit was that by giving succor to one of Microsoft’s key rivals, IBM was able to stick the knife firmly into Microsoft. After IBM bought Lotus, Notes became IBM’s preferred groupware and e-mail system. Release 4.5 (1996) provided close integration with Windows NT and Internet. Release 5 (1999) added mobile support. See also Domino.
Lotus Notes. A groupware application suite made by Lotus Corporation, a subsidiary of IBM. All the documents and data are stored on Lotus Dominos Servers, which provide the database engine and components for Notes. The difference between Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes is that Notes has more application development facilities whereas Exchange is meant to be used more for its built in groupware apps like email, calendaring, and such.
A group of applications from the Lotus Development Corporation which allows organizations to share documents and exchange email messages.
Supplemental information within an I-DEAS drawing.
Significant additional information about the item. They give information that might not have a place in the rest of the bibliographic record.
An annual report section that provides information essential to fully understanding the financial statements. Notes explain the financial statements' numbers and any significant events affecting them. Notes also provide additional detail and supplementary financial information. Also called footnotes.
feedback and comments on a creative property. Can consist of changes, suggestions of tone, mood, etc.
corrections, changes, suggestions for improvement, or special praise from the directors, both stage and music, following a rehearsal or occasionally a performance. Sometimes a time and place are set aside immediately following the rehearsal for notes, sometimes notes are given prior to the next rehearsal, sometimes the notes are typed up and posted or distributed; depends on the director.
Adjustments and/or critique given by the director.
Corporate or U.S. government debt instruments with maturities of between two and ten years. For municipalities, notes are short-term debt instruments such as a Bond Anticipation Note (BAN).
Short term debt instruments such as Bond Anticipation Notes (BAN) or Tax Anticipation Notes (TAN). Official Statement A disclosure statement prepared for a new municipal bond issue. The document discloses security features including economic, financial and legal information about the issue.
A note is a written, unsecured promise to pay such as a promissory note. If the promise to pay is not honoured there is no way to guarantee the payment.
a free monthly aromatherapy newsletter with the purpose of educating people about essential oils
a monthly newsletter that updates NCAL members on long term care trends as well as state and national regulatory and legislative activity
a newsletter that reports on treatment and prevention research, epidemiology, neuroscience, behavioral research, health services research, and AIDS
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Notes for LMOs
A small item of information that can be appended to any business object. Notes can be appended to one and only one object.
Yahoo! uses certain names to pass item information to the shopping cart and into the Store Manager (for example, vwitem, weight). These names are reserved for use by Yahoo! to allow for the proper functioning of the shopping cart and store. If while building your store you use any of these reserved names for attributes in the Options field, you can encounter problems with incremental pricing and other unexpected behavior. Learn more about reserved names. When using Store Tags for the Options field the Options Store Tag must be located within the form tag for the order button for that item. Visit the Syntax Guide for more information on Store Tags.
The librarian can view messages about the item (Notes usually indicate how many items are in a kit or something similar).
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Monthly observations of system performance. Abbreviations used: SF - System failure -LE (Low energy) -LP (Low power) LF - Logger failure -C (Campbell) -S (SolTrex) M - Modeled data (how) MD - Missing data (date range) MR - Meter read (who, when, read) NL - No logger installed OK - Normal TBD - System/logger not yet installed
SPEC: SPEC qualif; orthopédie dento-faciale in French titles is translated "orthodontics" & indexed here Orthodontics Categories.
coord IM with specific RNA /metab (IM); DF: RNA PROC POST TRANSCRIPTIONAL
symbols of sound (e.g., whole, half, quarter, eighth, sixteenth). When 4 is the bottom number of the meter signature, a whole note receives 4 counts, a half note receives 2 counts, a quarter note receives 1 count, an eighth note receives one-half count, and a sixteenth note receives one-quarter count.
in Western music, there are 7 basic notes: A B C D E F G, which can be increased by a half-step (sharp, #) or decreased by a half-step (flat, b) to give the full range of notes. A B C D E F G are the white keys on the piano, while intervening notes (A#=Bb, C#=Db, D3=Eb, F#=Gb, G#=Ab) form the black keys. The notes are of defined pitch or shruti
Natural Orifice Transluminal Endoscopic Surgery (NOTES) is an experimental surgical technique whereby "scarless" abdominal operations could be performed with an endoscope passed through a natural orifice (mouth, anus, etc.) then through an internal incision in the stomach or colon, thus avoiding any external incisions or scars.
Tasting term used to describe elements of what you taste, much like musical notes (i.e. "I taste notes of vanilla" in this Chardonnay)
Subtle flavors that one tastes along with the main taste, for example, "fruity notes".
One of the most common forms of money is the note. Although most countries' notes are still made of paper, in Australia, we have taken the added precaution of using polymer notes. Polymer notes help to stop counterfeiting. Notes have many advantages over their counterparts, coins. Notes are easier to carry as they are light and can be folded. People also collect notes for their artistic qualities, and there are literally hundreds of notes used all around the world, so their designs are as varied as the people who use them.
The fragrant composition of a perfume used to describe its bouquet which can be divided into its top, middle, and base notes.
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currency; bills; money; banknotes, etc.
a weekly e-mail from the New Jersey Press Association
a window - a transparent disc, seen on both sides of the note, that can be coloured, embossed or left plain
a pocket sized, spiral bound reference for medical assistants and medical assisting students
Typical examples of recognition arrangements are testing arrangements, inspection arrangements and certification arrangements. Recognition arrangements may be established at, for example, national, regional or international level.
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Optional text windows to record journal entries for each pay type. See Accounts/Account Status.
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These usually relate to an individual and may contain any information you may wish to record about someone in your family tree. Some programs will also allow you to create notes separately and then link the same note to more than one person.
Enter here important notes, such as your reason for buying or selling a security.
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