Definitions for "Notebook"
A notebook is a small laptop with similar price, performance, and battery life. Reference
a tweener, too -- too small to provide a desktop's expandability, and too large to be pocketable
See Laptop.
a living thing that grows as new information, often requested by folks such as yourself, is jotted down in its pages
Notebook is a style of writing where people jot down what they have thought or heard at the spur of moment. The contents of a notebook are unorganized, and the number of subjects covered in a notebook are unlimited: a paragraph of autobiography can be followed immediately by one on astronomy or one on history.
A book in which notes or memorandums are written.
A book in which notes of hand are registered.
A graphical representation that resembles a spiral-bound notebook containing pages separated into sections by tabbed divider-pages. A user can turn the pages of a notebook to move from one section to another.
a text file in which the user can make notes while PortaNum continues to process and display images
notes or annotations. Indicates the presence of notes or annotations, presumably related to the context of the icon. When part of a link, it displays the notes. Example: an annotated classical text linking the commentary by means of symbols in the margin. [test: &parent;
a good idea- encourage them to keep a travel journal Kids On Planes Here's what American Airlines has to say about stuff related to traveling with kids
a good idea to keep all of the pages together
an effective and inexpensive method of recording your ideas
a complex tool and an environment -- and as I am sitting here using it I am not thinking about whether I would win a theoretical race with it, but how it works and feels
a receptacle, a tool, a way to hold on to things
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DyKnow document made up of multiple panels.
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an intricate device that has many parts crammed into a tiny space
a collection of panes, of which only one is ever visible at any given time
a collection of related spreadsheets
A collection of archived entries; assumed to share a common topic; a view of a subset of the archive. The entries can be sorted by several criteria.
a great deal more expensive than a top of the range cellphone
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a window in which you can store text and graphics, like a mini-word processor document
a word processor program, which allows you to store multiple documents in one file
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Cases Relay Racks QUOTE REQUEST - Shipping & Rack Cases
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a three ring binder
a must along with your equipment
an independent finished system that doesn't depend on operation of other equipement
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a class requirement
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a good way to share information