Definitions for "Not"
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A word used to express negation, prohibition, denial, or refusal.
The logical operator which reverses the value of the logical expression it operates on. Parentheses are strongly recommended as Not can affect variables directly. Not 0 would evaluate as a logical value ( being zero would be False and not being zero would be evaluated as True). Say a = 0. Thus, 0 is False, Not would then be Not False, which is True. True has the numeric value -1, so the expression would become -1 0, which is False. However,using parentheses, we have Not (a 0) yields Not (0 0) which yeilds Not( False), which yeilds True.Logical operator precedence: Not, And, Or.
A fundamental logical operator that retains only those elements of a set that are not specified. For instance, the NOT of Blue in the American flag is Red and White.
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Shorn; shaven.
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(naht) expletive used to denote disbelief..." Not!!!"
Notice of Termination. Form to notify authorities when a construction project is complete.
Notice of Termination. A formal, written declaration that a facility is withdrawing its coverage under a general permit after once being covered by a general permit. NOIs are submitted either to EPA or a state permitting agency; justification of the withdrawal must be provided.
Notice of Termination. A formal notice to the EPA or delegated state agency for General Permit site terminating coverage under the permit.
Neural Organization Technique. Method purported to "organize" the nervous system and activate helpful reflexes by using applied kinesiology muscle-testing to identify and correct food allergies and dysfunctions claimed to affect the flow of cerebrospinal fluid around the brain.
traditional paper finish, slightly rough and unglazed, produced by pressing wet paper against itself after the first wet press.
Handmade paper with a slightly uneven surface imparted to it by being pressed when wet between fine felt mats, or 'blankets'. Used in fine printing and drawing.
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Wot not; know not; knows not.
through the alimentary canal (through some other route – intravenous injection etc.).
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Core API condition 1 and NOT condition 2 alias
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marked, notable ("notabilis")
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on old pull much
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Not owned (Title)
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NOT may refer to