Definitions for "Nosing"
That part of the treadboard of a stair which projects over the riser; hence, any like projection, as the projecting edge of a molding.
The rounded projecting edge of a step in a staircase.
The forward edge of a stair tread that extends past the riser.
Keywords:  balconies, mould, floor, flush, finish
Also known as landing strip, this mould is placed along balconies and landings and used to terminate carpet, wood or tile against. Please specify the thickness of the flooring you will be installing so the finished heights will be flush.
Nosing is a piece of material that is used to finish off the lip where your floor comes to a step or railing. Different sizes of nosing are available for different uses.
Keywords:  checker, abrasive, aluminum, cast, iron
An L-shaped section, usually made of checker plate or cast iron and cast aluminum abrasive material.