Definitions for "NOS"
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See Network Operating Systems
Network Operating Software. The software that controls the operations of a network, including user identification, file serving, security, and e-mail. The most well-known NOS is Novell Netware.
Network operating system. is the operating system that runs a network, steering information between computers and managing security and users.
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new old stock. Old shelf-worn parts that have not been used.
Nitrous Oxide Systems. A popular manufacturer of nitrous oxide injection systems.
New, Old Stock. This is a spare part which is new meaning never used, but the part may have been sitting in a crate for the last 50 years. Many virgin SKS barrels are NOS.
National Ocean Service, a division of NOAA
National Ocean Service ( address book)
ational cean ervice The US Government agency which gathers and maintains hydrographic information, produces marine paper charts and licenses the production of digital charts for the US areas of responsibility.
Nederlandse Omroep Stichting
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us, ourselves
night observation surveillance
Duplicates of parts for out-of-production cars that are issued by the original manufacturer for the restoration of older vehicles.
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Nerves of Steel.
National Occupational Standards
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Not Otherwise Specified.