Definitions for "Northwest"
Keywords:  compass, west, chien, halfway, midway
The point in the horizon between the north and west, and equally distant from each; the northwest part or region.
Pertaining to, or in the direction of, the point between the north and west; being in the northwest; toward the northwest, or coming from the northwest; as, the northwest coast.
the compass point midway between north and west; at 315 degrees
The northwestern part of the contiguous forty-eight states of the United States, especially the states of Washington and Oregon.
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a true childfree group
Keywords:  wind, coming
Coming from the northwest; as, a northwest wind.
coming from the northwest; "northwesterly winds"
Keywords:  situated, oriented
situated in or oriented toward the northwest
Keywords:  region, united
the northwestern region of the United States
to, toward, or in the northwest