Definitions for "Noodles"
The main difference between noodles and macaroni or spaghetti is that, in addition to flour and water, noodles contain eggs or egg yolks. Noodles can be cut into flat, thick or thin strips of various lengths. They may also be cut into squares. A wide variety of noodles is available in markets, including those enriched with vitamins and minerals, and colored noodles.
many types of dried Asian noodles, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean, are available. They generally need much shorter cooking time than pasta. Fresh varieties are kept in the open freezer section along with fresh tofu.
The original spaghetti.
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Noodles is a Chinese staple food. Mein is the generic term after which the popular dish Chow Mein is named.
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With the advent of grain mills around the first century...