Definitions for "Nonfiction"
Nonfiction is prose writing that presents and explains ideas or that tells about real people, places, or events. To be classified as nonfiction, a work must be true. Among the nonfiction forms are essays, newspaper and magazine articles, journals, biographies, and autobiographies. Historical, scientific, technical, political, and philosophical writings are also nonfiction.
Prose that is designed primarily to explain, argue or describe, rather than to entertain; specifically a type of prose other than fiction, but including biography, autobiography, reflective essays and speeches. Although its emphasis is factual, fictional (especially narrative) elements are sometimes found in these more personal forms of “literary nonfiction.
(noun): literature that is not fictional
based on real life or real life events. Example: Baltimore's Mansion is nonfiction.
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such as extra info, tips, or hints that are put aside from the main article, usually for magazines. You may get extra pay if you can include this.
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