Definitions for "Non-hodgkin's lymphoma"
a group of lymphomas which differ in important ways from hodgkin's disease and are classified according to the microscopic appearance of the cancer cells. The disease is classified as either indolent (slowly growing) or aggressive (rapidly growing) and may be treated in a variety of ways depending on the exact diagnosis.
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A type of lymphoma, a cancer affecting lymph nodes and the immune system.
The Condition"...Patients also may bleed or bruise easily, get a skin rash, or retain fluid..."
The Condition"...Until the transplanted bone marrow begins to produce enough white blood cells, patients have to be carefully protected from infection..."
The Condition"...During this operation, a surgeon cuts into the abdomen and removes samples of tissue to be checked under a microscope..."
The Condition biopsy is needed to make a final diagnosis..."
The Condition"...The doctor may also order tests that produce pictures of the inside of the body, including ... MRI (magnetic resonance imaging)..."
The Condition"...In addition, common side-effects of treatment, such as nausea, vomiting, or mouth sores, can make eating difficult..."