Definitions for "Nomenclature"
A name.
The technical names used in any particular branch of science or art, or by any school or individual; as, the nomenclature of botany or of chemistry; the nomenclature of Lavoisier and his associates.
A system of naming; see “binomial nomenclature.
A hierarchy of terms which are used to place inventory items in a record. The terminology defines categories, sub-categories, and types of articles.
a system of words used in a particular discipline; "legal terminology"; "the language of sociology"
a hierarchy of names describing cortical folding at different scales
a code whereby the letters of the alphabet are replaced by symbols and further symbols are added for common or specific words
Half code and half cipher, it was a list of word/syllable substitutions and cipher alphabet with homophones.
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The decals and reference designators in epoxy ink on a printed circuit board: see legend.
A system of designations (terms) elaborated according to pre-established rules. (ISO 1087). Examples include SNOMED CT International and the International Classification for Nursing Practice.
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A gun is normally referred to by the weight of its shell (e.g. 12 pr) or its calibre (e.g. 5 in). When described as '12 pr 6 cwt', the '6 cwt' is the weight of the gun, in the correct sense of that term.
A vocabulary, dictionary, or glossary.
System of terms used in a particular science, discipline or art.
A system of terms used in a particular science or discipline
A string of letters and numbers used to identify specific cabinet types or accessories.
a comprehensive listing of terms in a knowledge domain