Definitions for "NOI"
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Net Operating Income. Income after deducting for operating expenses but before deducting for income taxes and interest.
NET OPERATING INCOME. The income from a property or business left over after the costs of operating the property or business have been paid.
The actual or anticipated income remaining during a year, after operating expenses has been deducted from effective gross income (but before any deductions for debt service payment or income taxes).
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Notice of Intent
Notice of Inquiry Notices of inquiry are informal proceedings to educate the participants on a particular issue or set of issues. The Board commences an inquiry and develops a set of issues or questions for consideration. The issues outlined in the notice are not intended to be exclusive but form the framework for the inquiry. The inquiry is not directed at an individual utility or group of utilities but at any group, business, industry, or person who may be interested in the issue. The process is not intended to produce any specific kind of action, but may result in a subsequent formal proceeding such as a rule making or contested case. No record is made and no testimony is compelled. Pipeline Permit A pipeline permit is the authorization granted by the Utilities Board for the construction, maintenance, and operation of an intrastate pipeline under Iowa Code chapter 479. The granting of a permit requires a finding by the Board that the project will promote the public convenience and necessity and follows an acceptable route.
Notice of Inquiry. The FCC releases an NOI to gather information about a broad subject or as a means of instigating comment on a specific issue. NOIs are initiated by the FCC following an internal study or an outside request. An NOI may lead to a NPRM, or it may only be used to answer questions the Commission has about operational, technical or business practices in the industry.
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otice nterpretation
Not Otherwise Indicated.
An abbreviation for Not Otherwise Indexed (not more specifically described).
Abbreviation for "Not Otherwise Indexed." Commonly used as part of a "catch-all" commodity description in the NMFC.
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incidental relative clause
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narrow market Nasdaq