Definitions for "Nodes"
The nodes are the points where the path of the moon on the celestial sphere crosses the ecliptic.
Devices on a network where transmission paths are connected. The node term is often used instead of workstation.
Point at which transmission lines intersect with each other or interface with distribution systems (often substations containing transformers that step down voltage).
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A region of a standing wave or interference pattern where the waves are always destructively interfering with each other. Click for a graphic and/or compare to the movie. Back to Wave Index
points in a standing wave where the positive and negative pulses cancel each other resulting in areas of rest (no movement).
Positions at which the amplitude is always zero in a standing wave.
A type of polyp on the vocal cords that prohibits good singing. When vocal cords get irritated (from fatigue, poor technique, an infection, etc.), they swell. Singing repeatedly with swollen vocal cords causes nodes. The only way to know if you have or are developing nodes is to go to a throat specialist (ENT). If you have frequent hoarseness or a constant sore throat, see one immediately. Treatment is usually rest, although surgery may be required in severe cases.
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Nodes are naturally-occurring phenomena in Ian Irvine’s The Three Worlds cycle. They often occur in places where there is a significant landmark, such as on a hill or mountain.
Common term for the components that make up a distributed-memory parallel machine. Each node has its own memory and at least one processor; that is, a node can be a uniprocessor or some type of multiprocessor.
The area of active cell division from which leaves, tillers and adventitious roots arise.
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Branch joints on a bamboo culm. These are normally pressed, sanded or filed off when making a split cane rod.
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bumps on the lower part of the columella
Within a process modeler, nodes are tasks or packages of functionality that, when connected, encompass an entire process. Nodes can be either attended (the task is assigned to a person) or unattended (the task is assigned to a computer system.)
A device connected to the network which can be addressed by other nodes.
represent the individual entities or actors in networks.
Computers on networks.
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short for lymphatic nodes.
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An attachment on a plant where the leaf hits the stem.
A point along the stem of a plant at which leaves are attached.
Another name for nodules. Term found in Types of Voice Disorders: Nodules.
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Small, bean-shaped organs that make and store the cells that fight infection; they are found in many places in the body, including under the arms, behind the ears, and more.
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Features that read from the bottom left side to the upper right side within the History Tree. Nodes show the different features as a part was developed.
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Another name for client host. See Client.
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The number of nodes (computers) that a job uses.