Definitions for "Node"
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A knot, a knob; a protuberance; a swelling.
One of the two points where the orbit of a planet, or comet, intersects the ecliptic, or the orbit of a satellite intersects the plane of the orbit of its primary.
The joint of a stem, or the part where a leaf or several leaves are inserted.
A special point in a graph or diagram which is attached to other points by links. It is often labeled and represented graphically as a box or circle. A node may represent any object which is related to other objects in a conceptual structure that can be represented as a graph, the relations being represented as links between the nodes.
(1) In network topology, the point at the end of a branch. (2) In a tree structure, a point at which subordinate items of data originate. ANSI. See root, tree, child node, parent node. (3) In database management, data that can be accessed by more than one route.
A synonym for vertex. See graph.
a knob or swelling.
Latin nodus = knot.
A rounded lump or protuberance.
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The fundamental hardware building block of packet radio networks. At a minimum, a node will consist of a TNC capable of running some type of routing software such as TheNet and X1J. More complex computer based routers such as the G8BPQ node code and the multi-level communications server methods used by such programs as MSYS, FBB, TCP (NOS) and FlexNet which is gaining popularity.
A card installed and running on a Cisco CRS-1 Series routing system.
In IPv6, any system that is IPv6-enabled, whether a host or a router.
The basic data unit in Drupal. Everything is a node or an extension of a node. Nodes a content containers like blog, forum, article, link descriptions and so on. Each node can have a number of comments following it. Nodes are refered to mostly by their types which is the way they are seperated from each other. A "blog" node type is different from a "page" node type.
Almost all content in Drupal is stored as a node. When people refer to "a node" all they mean is a piece of content within Drupal, it could be a poll, a story, a book page, etc.
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This has two meanings in VR. In VRML, a node is a small piece of code which has a specific set of attributes. For example, the shape node can be either a sphere, a box, a cone or a cylinder as set out in the VRML specification. A node can also refer to a hot-spot in a bubble world that can be used to link together a series of such worlds. For example, a user can click on a hot-spot in a central bubble world and be transported into another bubble world. These might be a set of rooms in a museum, where users are able to move from room to room by clicking on hot-spots.
The basic building block in a VRML file.
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Standard term for an element of a data structure. An Element in XML. A data unit in JCR (Jackrabbit).
The smallest unit of valid, complete structure in an XML document. The nodes that include a tag set, along with any required attributes, attribute values, and content, consitute an element. (Back to the top)
A corner of an element.
A hard concretion or incrustation which forms upon bones attacked with rheumatism, gout, or syphilis; sometimes also, a swelling in the neighborhood of a joint.
the joint on a stalk of wheat, oats, barley, etc which is able to bend, like our elbow; its purpose is to heliotropically manoeuvre the seedheads to ensure 1) that they receive maximum sunlight and sufficient wind to evaporate excessive moisture, and 2) that if the plant is lodged (see above) the seedhead is raised off the ground so it doesn't succumb to fungus, mildew, and molds; the node thickens on the side toward the ground and bends upward, causing the seedhead to raise off the ground
A joint in grass plants from which leaves emerge.
A complete system that consists of a set of up to 16 processors and up to 64 Gbytes of physical memory organized as a symmetric multiprocessor (SMP) running a single image of the operating system microkernel.
Basic compute building block of a multicomputer. Typically a node refers to a processor with a memory system and a mechanism for communicating with other processors in the system.
One of the individual computers that are linked together to form a parallel system. On an IBM SP, a node consists of an RS/6000 processor with its associated memory and disk space; future generations of IBM SP will have nodes with more than one processor. SP nodes are grouped into racks of 8 or 16 nodes.
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A small mass of tissue differing from other tissue in its immediate vicinity; as, a lymph node.
a small, rounded mass of one kind of tissue enclosed in tissue of a different kind ega lymph node.
Also called lymph nodes. Lymph nodes remove waste and fluid from cells that fight infections and cancer.
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an area of an orbital having zero electron probability
One of the two places in an orbit, where it crosses the plane of another orbit. Usually, where the first orbit crosses the plane of the Earth's orbit.
The place where the plane of one orbit crosses the plane of another.
A node is a physical object that exists at runtime and represents a computational resource that executes components. It usually has at least a memory and often processing capability. Nodes can include, but are not limited to, computing devices, human resources, or mechanical processing resources.
A computer attached to the Internet, particularly one with its own IP address.
A node is classifier that represents a run-time computational resource, which generally has at least a memory and often processing capability. Run-time objects and components may reside on nodes. object An entity with a well-defined boundary and identity that encapsulates state and behavior. State is represented by attributes and relationships, behavior is represented by operations, methods, and state machines. An object is an instance of a class. See: class, instance.
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sytem entity which takes part into a message exchange. Examples are: client, Web service, an intermediary gateway proxy, etc. See SOAP node.
Relationship with SOAP node and [email protected]@@ Better term than party
A named, logical block or chunk of text.
A logical grouping of WebSphere managed servers.
Synonymous with logical node.
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In the OGR project, a node is the smallest unit that is checked by the client. Each node represents a single Golomb ruler possibility. See also: OGR, Golomb Ruler.
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a device that has at least one N_Port or NL_Port
A Fibre Channel device that supports one or more ports.
Any device with a Fibre Channel interface (such as an HBA in a server or a storage system's SP) that connects to a Fibre Channel loop.
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See internode
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CLICK HERE for definition definition of node defined Tim Berners-Lee's definition of node defined
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See RRSF node.
See Neuron.
See the Node topic.
A node is a machine on which an instance resides.
Nodes are atomic data units. Data nodes in pulse structures are instances of a node type and have a unique name. The nodes constitute an extensible set of atomic data units that implement or encapsulate specific data structures. Notation: nested parentheses, e.g.: (NODE_TYPE_ID "Node name" (...) ... )
An instance of an activity in a process diagram as shown in the Process window.
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past tense of know
A running Udanax Green backend, and all information it contains.
a single beamrider station
Generally the computer (or computers) at each routing station on the Internet.
a place where activity and routes are concentrated.
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Where a stolon touches a surface.
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The location of the nodes can be calculated for each planet, but in practice the term usually refers to the North and South nodes of the Moon. The Location of the nodes of the moon give information about our life's work. The North Node represents the ideals toward which we are moving, and the South node represents the gifts we bring from the past; the things that we already know how to do well.
The place where the path of the moon crosses the Sun's ecliptic to form an eclipse.
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The basic component in EON. A node contains data for the simulation in the form of fields. Some nodes also contain events
Defines the basic unit in the learning design (Outline) structure. Also referred to in the context of eXe as a page.
(Hypertext) The basic unit of information in a hypertext system.
A box appearing in an Xpresso Expression when that Expression is displayed in the Xpresso Editor window. A node is a fundamental unit of an Xpresso Expression and does things like calculations, comparisons, switching, detection of the current Frame number. Clicking on one of its red or blue boxes reveals a menu of Port names.
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The basic building-block of the SN0 architecture, a single board carrying two R10000 CPUs, the secondary cache for each, some memory, and the hub chip that controls data flow to and from memory.
A single unit/board, possibly with multiple CPUs.
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An atomic object, which consists of 16 slots. Keys reside only in slots (one key to each slot). A newly-created node holds 16 zero data keys. Nodes exist in large numbers. See also "Super node".
a zero-dimensional primitive used to store a significant location.
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Oxford English Dictionary
This is the management interface for an OpenCA installation on one machine.
A machine in a high availability system.
A node is the CorporateTime database containing all user and resource information and calendars.
Something that was written about. For example, this node is called E2 Glossary node consists of one, or more, writeup
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A node is a place to hold TDI expressions. Node names should be no more than 12 characters in length, and should not start with a digit. Structure nodes, unlike other nodes, do not hold TDI expressions.
A local environment where netlets can execute and exchange services.
User node license that can be stacked on top of a required server license
A unique name used to identify a server/workstation (client) to the Tivoli Storage Manager server.
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From Glossary of "Weaving the Web" ( 1999-07-23) Thing joined by links. In the Web, a node is a Web page, any resource with a URI.
A link endpoint that can be represented as a block or point object.
An object you create from a self-referential class.
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Commonly used as the number of telephone lines hooked up to a BBS with each line being a node, but each BBS also has a local node.
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was aware of
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See lymphatic system.
See Agent System.
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An origination or reception site.
Area of specialised cell that controls the rhythm of the heart.
A node is an abstract information container.
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Meeting participant
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a small, rounded tissue mass
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See client node.
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See site