Definitions for "Nodal Point"
the stable points on the Way in which the ensouling entity dwells. The ensouling entity unfolds to the next nodal point by using a transformational method (such as a transformational mantra). Nodal points can be found in the Superconscious mind from the beginning of the Subtle Realm through the highest Transcendental bands of the Great Continuum of Consciousness. Opening the path of the Nada in the Transcendental Sphere or Bridge Path also has a transformational effect, unfolding the ensouling entity to the next nodal point at these levels. Nodal points are used as a focus for concentration in more advanced spiritual work such as is taught in the Satsang Program Home Study Course.
in virtual reality, the optical center of a camera lens where all light rays converge. For making panoramic images the nodal point or exact center of the camera lens ideally should be directly above the axis of rotation.
an imaginary point in the lens design
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a corner of each Finite Element triangle