Definitions for "NME"
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New Musical Express, once the dominant and most intellectual British music weekly
The New Musical Express (better known as the NME) is a music magazine in the UK which has been published weekly since March 1952. It gained underground popularity in particular during the punk era. At the same time though, it has also been criticised by many because of its leaning towards indie bands, and the magazine's perceived tendency to hype up a band and then knock them down.
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New Molecular Entities
New Molecular Entity
National Medical Enterprises. Founded in 1969 by three attorneys, the company quickly went public and acquired many new hospitals and health care facilities. In 1992, NME was raided by federal agents on suspicion of insurance fraud, based on allegations by insurance companies, and the company paid more than $370 million in fines for various charges, including the abuse of psychiatric patients. In 1995 the company changed its name to Tenet Healthcare Corporation (NYSE: THC). [Source:] There’s an interesting timeline of its development at
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network management Ethernet. The local area network used to control and manage equipment in a central office and branch locations. The NME connection on the Cisco 6400 is an RJ-45 connector for a 10BaseT port on the NSP module.
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Non-Market Economy