Definitions for "NLP"
National Landcare Program (part of NHT)
The science of modeling people (studying and imitating) to produce similar results in others.
Neurolinquistic programming. The science of how the mind processes words and how we can structure language to shape other people's thoughts.
Non Linear Processor. Operates on the output of the echo canceller to provide improved echo suppression as long as the echo-reference signal contains a speech signals and the echo-carrying signal does not.
Nonlinear Processor. A component of the echo canceller that provides additional ERLE.
Branch of artificial intelligence that deals with interpreting and generating humanlike speech.
Netlist property. NLP expressions, besides being used for netlisting, are also used to display evaluated property values. The syntax of NLP expressions can be used to support inherited net expressions.
natural language processing
natural language parsing
the branch of information science that deals with natural language information
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