Definitions for "Nitrite"
A salt or ester of nitrous acid; a compound bearing the -NO2 radical.
A compound which is intermediate during the Nitrogen Cycle.
N02 is converted from free ammonia during nitrification and is harmful at any level to most creatures. Should be below detectable levels in a cycled tank.
(NO2-) The NO2- ion, formed by reaction of nitrous acid with a base. A compound containing the NO2- ion.
An ion that interferes with yeast metabolism.
1. An intermediate in the process of nitrification. 2. Nitrous oxide salts used in food preservation.
A corrosion inhibitor used to protect cast iron cylinder liners from cavitation corrosion. With traditional coolants in engines where cavitation is occuring, nitrite can deplete in as little as 15,000 miles. When this occurs, refortification with supplemental coolant additive is required to restore nitrite to effective levels and provide cavitation protection.
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