Definitions for "Nit"
shining ("nitens" / "nitida")
an MKS unit of luminance, equal to one candela per square meter, or 10-4 stilb. The nit is not approved as part of the SI, but it has been approved since 1947 by the International Commission on Illumination (CIE) and is in wide use. The name of the unit comes from the Latin niteo, to shine. This unit is sometimes called the meterlambert, by analogy with the footlambert.
A non-SI unit of luminance equal to one candela per square meter. It is often used to quote the brightness of computer displays, which typically have a luminance of 200 to 300 nits.
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When a player bides their time, waiting for a good hand to come up
to patiently bide one's turn, while waiting for a playable hand.
Wait for a strong hand.
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The egg of a louse or other small insect.
Louse egg.
egg or young of an insect parasitic on mammals especially a sucking louse; often attached to a hair or item of clothing
Someone who wants too much handicap or refuses to wager any money on relatively fair match-ups. uts: As in, "Joe has the stone cold nuts". The player who has 'the nuts' is heavily favored to win. Sometimes heard as 'the Brazilian nuts', 'the Brazilians', or 'the stone cold nuts'. Basically means a sure thing. If it is really bad, you might hear 'the stone cold Brazilian nuts', but that is overdoing it a bit.
A nit is a tight-passive player that avoids confrontations. Typically, the term nit is used when this type of passive player plays in a pot-limit or no-limit game. Nits tend to avoid big pots and do not like to gamble.
If a player is playing tight but remains passive and does not like confrontations, then, you can call him a Nit.
National Invitation Tournament
Abbreviation for ational nvitational ournament.
an abbreviation for National Invitational Tournament.
negative income tax. a tax system that transfers increasing amounts of income to households earning incomes below some specified level as their income declines
NOVA Inventory Transfer. NOVA Inventory Transfer is an exchange or transfer of title of gas that has been received into the NOVA pipeline system but not delivered to a connecting pipeline.
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Shorthand notation for cd/m2 (1 cd/m2 = 1 Nit).  See  cd/m2, above.
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network information table
Network Inter-working Tests
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1. n. A task, such as improving the user interface to a program, that has not yet been done and should be easy to do. 2. n. A minor error that is easily fixed.