Definitions for "Nightmare"
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A fiend or incubus formerly supposed to cause trouble in sleep.
A trerrifying or oppressive dream characterized by a sense of helplessness in the face of danger, extreme uneasiness or discomfort (as of weight on the chest or stomach, impossibility of motion or speech, etc.) or extreme anxiety, from which one wakes in a troubled state of mind.
Any overwhelming, oppressive, or terrifying experience resembling a nightmare{2} especially in the inability to escape from an unpleasant situation.
Nightmare (ナイトメア) , also known as the Cloaked Nightmare according to the Star Rod trophy in Super Smash Bros. Melee, is a fictional character featured in the Kirby series of video games. He was the ultimate villain of Kirby's Adventure, the franchise's sole Nintendo Entertainment System game, and was the final boss Kirby had to fight.
Nightmare (ナイトメア Naitomea) is a fictional character designed for the Soul Series of fighting games. Nightmare made his first appearance in Soul Calibur and has returned for both Soul Calibur II and Soul Calibur III. This character originally appeared in Soul Blade as "Siegfried!", an extra costume for Siegfried that was actually used to represent Siegfried's possession (by Soul Edge) in Siegfried's ending.
Nightmare is a fictional character, a supernatural being who has appeared in many Marvel Comics stories, most commonly as one of Doctor Strange's major enemies.
Nightmare is a 1956 psychological thriller starring Edward G. Robinson. The story is based on a novel by William Irish (aka Cornell Woolrich).
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an understatement
Nightmare is a video board game released in 1991 by A Couple 'A Cowboys PTY LTD. It was written and directed by Brett Clements and produced by Phillip Tanner. Packaged with a sixty minute video cassette, the game required 3-6 players (often referred to as 'maggots' or 'harbingers') to attempt to collect keys while trying to beat the clock included on the video.
an evil mythological horse that has flames for a mane and tail
In the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game, the nightmare is an outsider that comes from the Gray Waste of Hades. It resembles a large black horse, though flames wreathe its hooves and trail from its nostrils.
Nightmare is a 1964 horror/suspense film from Hammer Films. The film was directed by Freddie Francis and written by Hammer Films regular Jimmy Sangster.
a memorable and life-changing tale that will act as a reminder about the importance of trusting ourselves and living a life of faith and respect
This incident is not nullified if the number of cards in hand is momentarily reduced below the number of stored cards during the resolution of a card such as Masaka Transformations.
a tortured piece of demented blues performed by Don Hollinger
a hurricane, And a daydream a summer breeze Fields of Green Fields of fresh peppers So green, so plentiful, so what Winter comes, so long
a mental state associated with alterations of brain chemistry that, in turn, provoke unmistakable changes elsewhere in the body
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The second difficulty level in Diablo 2.
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Japanese Visual Kei band. It should be noted that there was another Japanese band by the name of Nightmare, but they were a thrash metal band from the 1980s.