Definitions for "Nicotine "
An alkaloid which is the active principle of tobacco (C10H14N2). It occurs in tobacco plants (Nicotiana tabacum and Nicotiana rusticum) to the extent of 2 to 8%, in combination with malic acid or citric acid. It is a colorless, transparent, oily liquid, having an acrid odor, and an acrid burning taste. It is intensely poisonous. The apparently addictive effects of tobacco smoking have been ascribed largely to the effect of nicotine, and the controlled administration of nicotine on various forms has been used as a technique for assisting efforts to stop the smoking habit.
The principal alkaloid of tobacco (an addicting agent).
Poisonous component of cigarette smoke; the substance in tobacco to which smokers become addicted.
Nicotine is a feature-complete client for the SoulSeek filesharing network. You can use it to upload, download, search, and chat. You can keep a "buddy" list and basically everything else a SoulSeek client is supposed to do. If you are familiar with PySoulSeek, you'll probably notice a striking resemblance in appearance.
a stimulant used to regulate physical and mental arousal. (222)