Definitions for "NIC"
Network Information Center (Guide to Network Resource Tools. EARN Association).
()etwork ()nterface ()ard. An expansion board inserted into a computer so the computer can be connected to a network. Most NICs are designed for a particular type of network, protocol, and media, although some can serve multiple networks.
etworked nformation enter] Any office that handles information for a network. The most important is InterNIC, where new domain names are registered.
National Interfraternity Conference. A consortium of National Fraternities and Sororities whose purpose is to define policies and procedures for National Greek Letter Organizations.
National Interfraternity Conference. Since 1909, the National Interfraternity Conference has been serving the men's college fraternity community in Canada and the United States . The NIC advocates the needs of fraternities through the enrichment of the Greek experience, advancement and growth of the fraternities and enhancement of the educational mission of the host institutions.
National Institute of Corrections
newly industrializing country
newly industrialized countries. countries which have experienced rapid industrialization in the past 2 decades - examples include Brazil, Singapore, and Korea
newly industrialized country. country that has in recent decades experienced a breakthrough into manufacturing and rapid export-led economic growth. Good examples are Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and South Korea.
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Nicaraguan Cordoba
Normas Internacionales de Contabilidad
The information often applied to the domain name registry. Some registries have choose to call themselves NIC. (ES:NIC - (Centro de información de red), IT:NIC - (Centro di informazione di rete))
NET INTEREST COST. Indicates the average weighted coupon rate for a new municipal issue. For a competitive issue the issuer may request that the syndicates submit their bids in the form of an NIC. The lowest NIC bid will be awarded the issue. See: True Interest Cost.
Net Interest Cost. Generally speaking, issuers award competitive bond sales to the underwriter bidding the lowest NIC. It represents the average coupon rate weighted to reflect the time until repayment of principal and adjusted for the premium or discount.
Noise Isolation Class. A single number rating of the degree of speech privacy achieved through the use of an Acoustical Ceiling and sound absorbing screens in an open office. NIC has been replaced by the Articulation Class (AC) rating method.
Noise Isolation Class. A single-number rating for noise isolation calculated from measured values of noise reduction between two enclosed spaces.
etwork nformation enter - The best known NIC is the "InterNIC" on the Internet. The InterNIC registers Domain names. This was done free of charge, but now due to the incredible growth of the Internet, the InterNIC now charges $50 a year to administer you domain name.
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Natal Indian Congress
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Neck Injury Criteria
Not in Contract. something shown on contract drawings, usually for reference, but not to be included in the construction contract.
he—The place where an organism lives and the activities it carries out.