Definitions for "Niagara"
A large waterfall on the Niagara River near Buffalo remarkable for the volume and constancy of the water flowing over it. That part of the waterfall in Canada is the Horseshoe Falls; the U. S. portion is called the American Falls.
A river flowing from Lake Erie into Lake Ontario, which forms the boundary between Ontario and New York.
A species of labrusca that is commonly grown in the Finger Lakes.
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Niagara is a German-style board game designed by Thomas Liesching and published in 2004 by Zoch zum Spielen and Rio Grande Games.
Cocoa Bittorrent client and C torrent library - based on fork of libbt, with high performance and compatibility, advanced prioritisation and scheduling, DHT, and Protocol Encryption.
Niagara (born August 24, 1956) is a musician and a painter. She was the lead vocalist of the punk rock band Destroy All Monsters and Dark Carnival.
Niagara (1953) is a dramatic thriller feature film with film noir elements. Unlike other film noir movies of the time, Niagara was shot in Technicolor and was one of 20th Century Fox's biggest box office hits of the year.
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Code name for the UltraSPARC T1 processor and the Sun Fire T1000 and T2000 systems that utilize the processor.
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See Glass Samples below A fixed sash or a picture window.
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A large flow, used figuratively.