Definitions for "niacinamide"
The amide of niacin (nicotinic acid), called also nicotinamide. It was at one time called vitamin B3, and can function to relieve nicotinic acid deficiency. Chemical formula C6H6N2O, chemically it is 3-pyridinecarboxamide.
White or yellow crystalline, odorless powder used to treat a vitamin deficiency disease. Used as a skin stimulant. Known as vitamin B3
Plays an important role as catalyst in energy production processes, the breakdown of proteins and fatty acids and formation of steroid hormones and red blood cells.
A physiologically active form of niacin or B-3. Helpful as an anti-acne agent regulating sebum. A possible pigment lightener, and may improve skin texture and decrease redness.
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Another name for niacin.
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B3--See Niacin