Definitions for "Newton"
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the unit of measurement for force; equivalent to kg-m/s2.
a unit used to measure force
Named in honor the famous mathematician, a Newton is the force needed to give an object weighing 1 kilogram (2.2 pounds) an acceleration of 1 meter (3.28 feet) per second squared.
Although Newton is officially the name of the lightweight OS developed by Apple to run on its MessagePad line of PDAs, it is often used to mean the MessagePads (and compatible PDAs) themselves and thus the term "Newton OS" is often used for clarity. The Newton OS is remarkably powerful; it is fully multitasking in spite of the fact that it was designed for small machines. It is optimized for hand-held use, but will readily transfer data to all manner of desktop machines. Historically it was the first PDA. Recently Apple announced that it will discontinue further development of the Newton platform, but will instead work to base future hand-held devices on either Mac OS or Mac OS X with some effort dedicated to making the new devices capable of running current Newton programs.
Mobile computing technologies and Palm Pilots from Apple.
a fully functional computer marketed as a PDA with the first and only operating system designed for handheld computing
Newton is a lunar crater located near the south limb of the Moon. It is south-southwest of Moretus crater. To the northeast is Short crater, and in the northeast are the Casatus and Klaproth craters.
Newton Crater is a large crater on Mars, with a diameter close to 300 km. It is located south of the planet's equator in the heavily cratered highlands of Terra Sirenum. The impact that formed Newton Crater likely occurred more than 3 billion years ago.
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Newton was the alias of a singing fireman from the UK named "Billy Myers". Under the name "Newton," Billy Myers scored a number of club hits in the 1990's. His first hit "Sky High" was a remake of the 1975 hit by "Jigsaw" that was produced by Mike Stock & Matt Aitken.
The search engine specifically designed for searching SiteSearch databases. Newton is included as a standalone engine with SiteSearch 3.1 and previous versions. Newton functionality is incorporated into the ZBase package in SiteSearch 4.0 and future versions. See also Pears.
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Newton Vineyard is a wine estate in Saint Helena in the Napa Valley in California.
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A GNOME Personal Wiki. Keep notes and other information in one organized application using wiki style syntax.