Definitions for "Newsgroups"
The development of a network linking computers together to share discussion groups. There are literally tens of thousands of different newsgroups discussing virtually every subject imaginable. From operating systems to sports, politics, religion, and entertainment.
Discussion groups on the Internet (not on the Web, which is only one area of the Internet) that are broken down and categorized by subjects. These discussion groups consist of messages sent by other Internet users and displayed publicly for everyone in the group (or under the topic area) to read. The word "news" in "newsgroups" does not mean they are run by news services or journalists.
A part of the Internet that allows users to "post" and "reply to" messages from other users. A discussion forum similar to that found on local BBSs. Broken into many different subjects (approx. 25,000) newsgroup titles.
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the ability to import newsgroup headers into Bazaar resources.
Basic information sources, accessible online or through newsgroup servers. Using newsgroups can be a great method of drawing traffic, when used ethically, without spamming.