Definitions for "newborn"
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Recently born.
A baby from birth through the first 28 days of life.
an infant from the date of his birth until the initial Hospital discharge.
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Newborough Newbridge
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Newborn is the eighth album by James Gang, released in 1975. Guitarrist Tommy Bolin and singer Roy Kenner left the band, and were replaced by guitarist Richard Shack and vocalist Bubba Keith, for this album only. This is considered by some fans as the poorest album by the James Gang in its history.
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A relatively new falls, usually not well defined and always close to the main body of water they empty into. Because they have not been around for long, they have not eroded away the rock enough to recede further way from the gully they empty into.
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a pure WOB without a mind
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an organism, not a rudimentary organism
a intriguing business and studying more about it can be extremely fulfilling
a stirring business and studying more about it can be very profitable
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having just or recently arisen or come into existence; "new nations"; "with newborn fears"
a huge responsibility to take on if no one is around to help